Our history goes back to 1914. In 1985, we became ROFI and started the journey to who and what we are today.

In the mid 1980’s, we introduced the first tents, which today form a wide product range from traditional family tents to large tents for hospitals, accommodation and many other purposes. Today we do tents based on metallic frames as well as inflating technology for rapid deployment. We have 35 years of practice in customizing our tents to fit the needs of the people living and working under difficult conditions, optimizing the work efficiency, comfort and safety. We transform our own and the customer’s experiences in combination with textile know-how to the development of new and improved products and solutions.  

In the late 1980’s we developed the first edition of deminer vests, body armour and aprons. All the time we cooperate with some of the world’s leading demining organizations, and are privileged in being a preferred supplier and partner of protection solutions to UN agencies, NGOs and defence customers. 

Throughout the past 35 years we have deployed our products in more than 60 countries worldwide, and are proud to give our contribution in protecting people working and living under demanding conditions. This is why we have chosen “Protecting People” as our vision.

Deployed in more than 60 countries world wide the last 30 years



Nicolas Abé

Managing Director/COB


Roald Løseth

Area Sales Manager


Stein Hagen

Area Sales Manager


Holger Büricke

Area Sales Manager


Aud Teilgård

Production Manager


Ethics and environmental policy


ROFI as, “ROFI”, is committed to high standards of ethics, conduct, and fiduciary responsibility in all aspect of our operations. In this regards, our goals are to ensure:


1. Safe and healthy workplaces for the people working for us, where human and civil rights are respected;

2. Minimal impact on the environment in the implementation of all rehabilitation programs 

including, but not limited to, material sourcing, construction or rehabilitation activity and 

waste management


In addition to the following code of conduct, all programs and business of ROFI will be delivered in accordance with the fundamental principles of humanity and independence.


Labour Commitment

Child labour


  • ROFI will not hire people under the age of 15, unless local minimum age law stipulates a higher age for work or mandatory schooling, in which case the higher age would apply, as defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention 138.

  • We acknowledge that according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, a person is a child until age of 18. In keeping with ILO Convention 182, we will ensure young workers in the age group 15-17 are employed according to the protective restrictions prescribed by local laws.


Disciplinary Practices / Coercion

ROFI will:

  • treat workers with respect and dignity and ensure workers are not subjected to any form of physical, sexual, psychological, verbal harassment or abuse.


Wages and Benefits

ROFI will:

  • meet legal requirements for wages and benefits in local law and regulations

  • pay workers directly and provide workers with clear, written accounting of hours worked, deductions, and regular and overtime wages

  • not make deductions from employee pay for disciplinary infractions


Working Hours

ROFI will:

  • ensure working hours are in compliance with local law and regulations



ROFI will:

  • consider employees for positions on the basis of their qualifications and abilities. We will not work with subcontractors who discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions

  • support the UN convention on Rights of Disabled persons, ensuring the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by all persons with disabilities, and to promote respect for their inherent dignity

  • our commitments are to respect the full set of human rights of every individual, acknowledging diversity and ensure that all people are fully included regardless of disability as employee in our company


Health and Safety

ROFI will:

  • provide our workers with safe and healthy work environments, which, as a minimum standard, is in compliance with country and local health and safety laws and regulations

  • take adequate steps to prevent accidents or injuries to health arising out of, associated with, or occurring in the course of work

  • ensure that any living facilities provided for personnel are safe and clean and meet the basic needs of personnel. ROFI will ensure that workers have a vehicle to communicate these needs


Environmental Commitment

ROFI will:

  • comply with all relevant environmental legislation;

  • ensure minimal impact on the environment in the sourcing of materials;

  • implement and maintain systems to minimize negative impacts of constructions on the environment;

  • ensure all waste materials, as by-product of construction or rehabilitation activities, are disposed of properly in an environmentally responsible manner, and according to the local and international laws and regulations; and

  • use only legally certified timer in any construction activity


Commitment against Anti-personnel mines

ROFI guarantee that we are not engaged in the sale or manufacture, either directly or indirectly, of anti-personnel mines or any components produced primarily for the operation thereof.

ROFI manufacture protection equipment (Personal Protection Equipment and Vehicle Protection Equipment) designed for protecting people during demining activities in mine infected areas.


Anti-Corruption Commitment

ROFI will:

  • follow the highest ethical standards in all aspects

  • prevent the occurrence of bribery or corrupt practices;

  • not engage in any bribery or corrupt practices or any kind;

  • not do business with any person or third party where we know or suspects the existence of any illegal, unethical or questionable practices;

  • take the appropriate action in the event there is any evidence of such practices

  • agree to comply in all respect with; The Common Industry Standards for European Aerospace and Defense Industry.


Compliance and Implementation

1. ROFI subcontractors are subject to monitoring and auditing to achieve compliance to these 

ethical guidelines

2. Audits may be conducted by ROFI staff, or by the use of external auditors

3. If ROFI finds violations taking place within current subcontractors relationships, we will notify the management of the violation, the corrective actions required and a time frame in which these actions are to be completed. If corrective action is not achieved by the end of this time frame, ROFI reserves the right to cease business with the supplier in question

4. ROFI reserves the right to have any supplier audited by an Independent Auditor at any time

Rofi environmental policy


We hold an ISO 9001 certificate since 1991 and an NS-EN ISO 14001:2004 since 2012. We continue working with our processes and quality to be able to deliver the best product possible.