Customizing tents and camps is a tradition with us.  Our customers tell us what they need and we work with a long list of 3rd party suppliers to fulfil these. We supply furniture like beds, tables and chairs in addition to electrical wiring and lights, solid floors and inner linings for more comfort and easier cleaning. Our range comprises connectors, corridors and openings to containers, vehicles, buildings and other tents. This facilitates a camp where you can move between the different areas in-door, an important benefit in demanding climates. We provide a variety of products for snow or sun protection as well as heating and air-condition appliances. Tell us what you need and we will propose a solution for you. 

Key features

Turn key solution

We can provide to you the complete product, furnished and ready to go

Energy efficient

Solutions and fabrics with high insulation values and LED lighting


The long lasting quality provides beneficial Life Cycle Cost


Spaceious layouts with details like private compartments and more




Inner lining



Snow/sun protection


Sanitary solutions

Electric supply

Inner cabins