Key features

Medical treatment in temporary environments is challenging and demanding, in many perspectives, both with regard to the patients and the staff. One needs to facilitate the best possible sheltered units for a variety of functions, like reception, pharmacy, OT, nursing, OP and many more. In the field, you need a good place to work and a safe place to be. We build a field hospital with different types of tents, furniture and equipment. Air-condition or heating, sunscreens or snow screens, whatever climate we can find good solutions. Our tent models connects to all kinds of internal and external shelters, containers, buildings and cars. We can improve comfort and work environment by adding floors and inner lining. In addition, we add lights, water, furniture etc. The solutions are optimized to create the best work environment possible.


Easy to connect the tents together, to make larger configurations  

Energy efficient and sustainable

Solutions and fabrics with high insulation values and LED lighting


Spaceious layouts with details like private compartments and more

High-end solutions

Use of proven quality units throughout the entire solutions