We have cooperated with some of the world leading demining organizations since the beginning of the 1990's. This cooperation has led to excellent and recognized deminer vests, body armour and aprons with different levels of protection. The development has comprised many activities in identifying improvement areas, developing prototypes, field-testing, modifications and adaptions. The result is a range of superior protective products securing the people who perform the important and dangerous tasks. The design is optimized for improved comfort through lowering the weight, enhancing ventilation efficiency, improving vision, all without compromising safety. We are proud to be an experienced supplier and partner of protection solutions to UN agencies, NGOs and defence customers.

Tailor-made Ballistic Blanket were introduced to the UN in 1995, a protective system fitted in administrative vehicles to safeguard people inside in the event the vehicle hit and triggered an anti-personnel mine.

Key features


Optimal weight distribution for freedom of movement. Can be delivered in various sizes.


Replaceable outer covers in high-end quality.

Areas of use

Humanitarian Demining

Battle Area Clearance (BAC)

Bullet resistant protection of personel

Protection of personel in vehicles


We have products in stock for short delivery time. Pragmatic export license application.

Protection level

STANAG 2920 and other international standards.